Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Natasha's Guide: How to Concentrate on Studying/ Homework

Hi Cuties!

Before I start,
Sorry for not posting last week T_T
I was so busy with homework that I didn't have time to blog.
So I'll be posting this week and the week after this.
。◕ ‿ ◕。 YAY

Have you guys ever have the feeling that you just want to stop studying?

And you just slowly drift your attention on your phone...
Next thing you know, you've just spent 2 hours scrolling through you Facebook newsfeed or getting stuck in the YouTube vortex*.

I have been in this situation countless times, so I have developed the ultimate guide on how to concentrate on studying or working on your homework!


1. Find a comfortable, quiet room
Trust me, if you want to concentrate on your work, DO NOT be in a room with a talkative or distracting person (like my sister).

Find a room that you wouldn't feel uncomfortable in or be disturbed. Have a comfortable chair too! Squeaky, stiff chairs can bring a gloomy mood and bad positions!

- Your own room can be quite distracting sometimes!
- A room without a television will be preferable
- Going to the local library is a good choice since it's quiet

2. Brain Food
Give up coffee or energising drinks, because you'll crash out the moment it's fully processed!

Instead, go for fruits and water because they are simple and effective at releasing carbohydrates.


3. Taking Breaks

Did you know that taking breaks are a secret to success?

Yup, always take breaks because it also gives your brain a break too.

But in recent years, a poll of the most common study breaks would likely include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix. These activities quickly turn from ten-minute study break to a 45 minute episode or a trip down the internet rabbit hole.  Soon, more time is spent “breaking” than studying and suddenly it’s 2AM.

Tips for a Good Study Break:
Determine the time limit of your break.  Set an actual timer and, most importantly, stick to it!
Get your body moving.  Exercise is proven to increase brain function.  If you don’t have time for a full workout, run up and down the stairs a few times, or do a ten minute “power clean” of your room.

4. To-Do List for Your Homework

Take out a notebook and write down a list of homework you are planning to do.
That way, you can remember all the homework you have and feel good after you cross out each subject one by one.
Order your homework from the most difficult to the easiest, and then work on your homework in order. It can sometimes help finish your workload faster!

5. Listen to Soft Music
Listening to music can help some people to concentrate because it blocks out other noises in the room.
I would recommend calm and soft music to help concentrating, instead of pop or rock.
I would occasionally go on YouTube to search up 'Concentration Music' or 'Music for Studying'.

List of my favourites:
Study Music Project - We'll Meet Again
Instrumental music to improve learning and concentration.
3 Hours of Studying Music

6. Make Goals
Make goals and award yourself for achieving them for motivation.
"I can have a 10 minute rest after I finish this page of questions"

But for your rewards, be aware of not including social networks or else you can end up spending 30 minutes instead of 5, unless you time yourself using an online countdown clock.

Good rewards can be something like having a scoop of your favourite ice-cream or allowing yourself to                                        spend a few dollars more the next time you head to the city


1. Don't Panic
This might not happen with you, but if it's really late, and I'm no where near finishing an important assignment that is due the next day,
I panic.
Sometimes I can be so worried I have a tiny mental break down and start crying.
Then sometimes when my mom would come over and ask what's wrong, she would bring me a small bowl of ice cream.
It really helps.
So if panic hits you, take deep breaths, grab a small amount of something sweet and tell yourself: "I can do it."

2. Minimise your Social Networking

Sometimes I would check my Facebook during studying... even though I went on it 10 minutes ago.

Social Networking can be really distracting, even though we always tell us to 'not go on Facebook this time' or 'stop checking for new videos in                                                        YouTube' before we start studying.

If you use Google Chrome as your Browser there is a good app in the Web Store called Stay Focused. It's a website that is easy to use for blocking access to websites you customised. Block Site is a good extension too.

That's it for my post today!
Keep going on your work and don't give up!

Nashy (◕‿◕✿)
*e.g. planning on watching just one or two music videos in YouTube, but after clicking the videos in the suggestion bar at the right and keep on repeating the process, you end up watching "how to fold a shirt in 5 seconds!!"

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