Sunday, June 1, 2014

Obsession of the Week: Cute and Funny GIFs!

Hi Cuties!

Sorry for not posting for a while!
Homework was keeping me busy.

These weeks I'm OBSESSED with cute and funny  GIFs!
They always make me laugh!

Hmm... You might ask: What are GIFs?
GIF are "Graphics Interchange Format - Picture Format"
It is basically putting together a few pictures so it looks like a moving picture.
Another way of creating GIFs is to just trim or cut a video.

Here I'm sharing a few of my favourites!

First, My favourite series of cute GIFs:
  Bunny and Chick (Not the official name :P).
Bunny and Chick are such cute friends! The GIFs are a lot like what I do too and they are a cute touch for my blog.

    "Oh stop it you!"

Is this... Love?
Time to sleep!

Oh my God... I can't breathe!

Secondly, the funniest one of all:
The WeChat Bunny.
This series of GIFs comes from one of the top messaging application - WeChat. 
They certainly don't fail to create a smile on my face!
Here are my favourites from this hilarious series:


First I was afraid,
I was petrified!

And Lastly, these are my favourite GIFs from individual series:


And my favourite from individuals...
I'm Rich

Haha I don't know why but this is my favourite from individuals XD 
The panda is so cute and throwing the money around just seemed like a cute action.

Well.. That is it for this OOTW* post.
Thanks for reading.
See you next time!

Nashy (◕‿◕✿)

P.S: I'm part of my sister's fashion blog again! This time I wore something more tomboyish.

Hehe this is my favourite picture from this time's photo shoot.

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*Obsession Of The Week.